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A Quick Background of: The St. Francis Dam Catastrophe (Brief Docudrama)

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Today we are checking out the St Francis (Near LA) dam calamity, it is taken into consideration to be among the most awful American civil design calamities of the 20th century and also continues to be the second-greatest death in The golden state’s background.

The dam was developed and also constructed in between 1924 and also 1926 as component of the Los Angeles water task, directed by the renowned William Mulholland, however his profession would certainly finish the exact same evening as the calamity.

The occasion occurred at 11:57 p.m. on 12 March, 1928, the dam failing, and also resulting flooding eliminated a minimum of 431 individuals

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A Quick Background of: The St. Francis Dam Catastrophe (Brief Docudrama)

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  1. Plainly Difficult says

    Fancy another video? Check this one about the Tokyo Metro Terrorist Sarin attack

  2. FBI-Chan says

    Why are sometimes 3 white bars in the top right corner?

  3. semaj422 says

    I kid you not. I got an ad for a "flexible dam"

  4. Jian Marco Augustini says

    It's time to talk about Brumadinho Dam Disaster.

  5. Aaron Vikki says

    Well, Dam

  6. Coast ? says

    This happened on my birthday so now I eternally will associate my birthday with the dam disaster.🥲🥳

  7. 765kvline says

    Say . . . Plainly Difficult: May I make a suggestion? What about doing a program on the 1981 Kansas City, Missouri Hyatt-Regency Hotel Skywalk Disaster–the greatest U. S. Hotel disaster in history? Lots of engineering fallacies at work there. 111 people died. Hundreds injured by decapitation, paralysis, crushing wounds and suffocation from water flooding.

  8. 765kvline says

    My favorite example of a great dam in the wrong place is Vajont Dam. I would love to visit it and try out my Italian there. Such a tragedy on so many levels. What an incredibly well built dam it was! However, it is nearly inconceivable to me that so many warning signs had been ignored and construction proceeded anyway. The death and destruction was horrendous–just as St. Francis, Teton, Johnstown and other calamities. Engineering hubris in the face of the obvious is a major factor in bridge, dam and building catastrophes.

  9. Yoshi Meier says

    I liked the video very much but the imperial system is hard for me understand. You might consider adding metric numbers to make your videos more easily understanable for other audiences.

  10. philip dias says

    Unfortunately mistakes are need to learn…but damn

  11. Paul Woods says

    Why was I unsubbed?!

  12. mike bronicki says

    So, was Mulholland Drive named after him before this disaster or after?

  13. The engineers "well damnit"

  14. skyler bowerbank says

    You said California and i immediately thought
    "Well, thats enough explanation for me"

  15. Ray says

    Ace hopewell sounds like the most made up name in history

  16. Pilot Sauder says

    good thing we have the purple francis dam

  17. Kevin says

    As long as the right class of people die, and the right class of people continue with their lifestyle all of this is just entertainment for those of us who haven’t been affected by what do 5% obviously do showing they don’t care about the rest of us, Thank you for your video

  18. A. Pseudonym says

    i think you mean to say exacerbated, not exasperated

  19. Withered Ventriloquist says

    Imagine thinking that you had designed another successful dam just to have it kill a fuck ton of people. That’s a lot of guilt

  20. Vinlyguyx420x says

    Acres per ft? My mind is bleeding

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