AP ICET 2020 Phase 2 Counselling dates | AP ICET 2020 Counselling Phase 2 Web Options dates

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Simplification Part – 4 :-

Simplification Part -3 :- https://youtu.be/xCg8AL78uQM​​​​​​​​…​

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AP ICET 2020 Phase 2 Counselling dates | AP ICET 2020 Counselling Phase 2 Web Options dates

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  1. Feel the intelligence says

    For Fast updates Join with us
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  2. Boya lavanya says

    Bro anu self finance clg guntur lo seat vacchindhi amount 6500 kattinchukunnaru ika fee yam undadhuga bro

  3. Parvathi Bukya says

    9th 10th payment peycheeyyala sir

  4. Parvathi Bukya says

    Sir payment kuda appude kattala

  5. Parvathi Bukya says

    Paymeny eppudu pay cheyyali

  6. anitha sirasala says

    Sir nenu first phase lo web options petta kani eh college raledu Malli nenu counseling ki vellala sir

  7. Akanksha Vemula says

    First phase ki vellalaa EPPUDUU second phase ki vellali yala pay cheyali website lo payment aani yakkada ledhuuu ga broo yala cheyali payment plz rply

  8. Sai Atyam says

    Sir sports quota vallaki eppdu Sir.

  9. Eswari Bhupathi says

    Sir 1st phase lo web options ki pettina colleges 2nd phase lo web option pettavachaa sir please reply sir

  10. a Swathi says

    Second phase pattukovaliii antaaa first phase loo vachinna clg looo allotment letter, joining report evvalllaaa

  11. Beere Srinath says

    Bro, 1st counselling lo vachinaa clg lo report chesamu but 2nd counselling best clg koasam try cheste apudu 2nd counselling lo seat raka pothe 1st counselling vachinde seat vuntundaa lekapthe cancel avtada chepandi bro

  12. Gopal D says

    Counciling yakkada sir

  13. manisha vaddi says

    1st phase lo Web options lo petukuna colleges 2nd phase lo petukokudadha.

  14. Niharika Honey says

    Bc a vallaki reservation vuntunda seats ki or only for sc , st vallaki ee naa ???

  15. Kotham Sravani Kotham says

    Second counselling kuda memu counselling center ki vellala leka phone lo pettukovacha

  16. Vaddadi Ravanamma says

    Bri cillege lo report chasaytapoudu registration fees amina pay chayala

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