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Asphalt 9 – TVR Griffith Auto Quest – All Tasks – Lighthouse – TD Overview

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Works on the TVR Griffith Auto Quest making use of the Ginetta G60 and also the Porsche Targa on Lighthouse with TouchDrive to assert all the incentives.

Come conversation in The madAsylum dissonance…

Asphalt 9 – TVR Griffith Auto Quest – All Tasks – Lighthouse – TD Overview

  1. N'son S-Fort says

    PC racers using TD are having it bad. We are lagging 2 to 3 seconds behind Android and iOS devices. GameLoft needs to make it even on all platforms. I see you have the epic parts as well. Beating the time is easier.

  2. ADG says

    I have 2 star targa and 1 star ginetta. 2star maybe possible as I am getting 49.2 time. Ginetta is impossible.

  3. Amirul - Video Game says

    Yesssss free 15 bps…
    Beat that time is impossible with 1* Ginetta… :V

  4. Anav Gupta says

    I have 1 star targa…
    What to do??
    Edit: Just starred it up using mp now do u think I can do it

  5. Burak 35 says

    can beat 2 stars ginetta

  6. Jøhn Snøw says

    Finally a good car hunt … there goes my sleep

  7. Speed gamer_one says

    20 bp just for playing the cars and club rewards….gameloft actually doing something generous

  8. Jaszwant Bartczak says

    How do you earn sooooo many credits and tokens?

  9. ANormalKid says

    I found out that the tvr griffith is easy to drive even I'm new to manual

  10. RpM_StarkDanyDoo ! says

    Literally no one in my club is a friend anymore 😔
    Affan is gone, Thor is gone and ur playing on ur other account 😭
    Thanks Gameloft

  11. Harsh Raj Singh says

    In previous tvr griffith hunt there was Lotus Elise instead of Ginetta g60.

  12. Aayan How to Basic 786 says

    I love this

  13. Hamad saif says

    last :*(

  14. Sukumar Suku says

    Hope they will add some new tracks and new places in upcoming days

  15. Hrithik B says

    Same track was used for last car hunt. Im bored of playing this again and again

  16. RpM_StarkDanyDoo ! says

    Oh my god! So many bps 😯, i like the new system

  17. Affan Kazi says

    Don't care whatever good stuff they do,im not coming back

  18. WhackyChief 521 says

    Wow I have waited for it

  19. 後. says

    i'll star up this car

  20. RpM_THOR says

    This car hunt is noice

  21. AJU says

    Thanks for the videos bro it's very helpful

  22. AJU says


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