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Bad Business

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Academy Honor(R)-champion Anthony Hopkins stars in this spy activity thriller that will certainly have you on the side of your seat! Professional CIA representative Gaylord Oakes (Hopkins) need to hire streetwise punk Jake Hayes (Chris Rock) when Jake’s twin sibling is eliminated in the line of obligation. With just 9 days to finish a nuclear tools arrangement, Jake needs to go from wise chatting to smooth operating and also encourage all events he is the advanced sibling he never ever recognized. From Prague to New york city the chase gets on and also the clock is ticking when greater than a preemptive arms offer goes “bad.”

Bad Business

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  1. medicine trak says

    Good movie
    Who cares if it was a bit cheesy? It’s a comedy/spy movie
    Got me laughing 😆

  2. Gabrielle Starkey says

    The acidic swordfish meteorologically file because trombone dentsply entertain alongside a panoramic carriage. encouraging, steep deodorant

  3. Fay Tugwell says

    Hopkins is thee Best in movies!👍🏿

  4. Double Odie says

    I like how the song and the opening is a string version of bad company song

  5. Amoris Verum says

    Anthony is like Robert Duvall they never did a bad movie.

  6. Adrian Gonzales says

    Its a great movie but has too much comedy. If your life is in dangerous how can you make jokes

  7. Willie Pierce says

    Great movie!!!!

  8. Fantastic movie. Chris Rock is awesome. Anthony Hopkins is awesome. Great acting, action and comedy. Well done.

  9. loveld Lu says

    So I'm watching this old movie starring Chris Brown and Anthony Anthony Queen Sir Anthony Queen and going through the whole thing suddenly they killed off the agent and then the might as well been separated at Birth the movie started out why why did they do this when they could have made it more interesting in the movie keeping the brother alive and then continue on with the mission they should never had a twin brother

  10. Douglas Elliott says

    stopped in the middle, predictable Chris Rock movie, he never challenges him self !

  11. Margaret Kakopa says

    Thanks so much for sharing another great Free YouTube down load. God Bless…

  12. shawnte Pitts says


  13. Beach Bunny says

    Apparently, I'll watch anything if Anthony Hopkins is in it!

  14. Natasha Black says

    Not a Chris Rock fan BUT this was a good movie!! 😊😊😊

  15. Lorie Paix says

    A fun movie, but ridiculously unrealistic. All those front-end collisions and not an airbag in sight.
    I won't mention the hundred other impossibilities.

  16. Robert Negron says

    Cute movie. Came out wrong time.

  17. Robert Negron says

    Movie didn’t do good cause nyc was still in shock after 911.

  18. MARIJUANIC INC. says

    yes… i love the unfuckingbeleavable things he keeps doing…west world… another mind blowing hopkins super hero kinda stuff . im so in awe and humbled by his skills talent and CLASS.

  19. Maurice Hodgdon says

    I had my doubts about Anthony and Chris teaming up for a movie. They are fantastic. Well done.

  20. Hass moh says

    And, so they feed the masses with the same PS, day in and day out. Thousands upon thousands, of channels and outlets with mostly silly of all kind flavors, yet very similar repeated patterns under the guise of "Entertainments" and the masses never have enough and always "Cry for more"?

  21. Pedro Elias Hernandez Conde says

    Podría ser en español

  22. Stephanie Szady says

    Fantastic Movie I give it……
    5 popcorns 🍿 🍿 🍿 🍿 🍿
    out of 5 popcorns 🍿 🍿 🍿 🍿 🍿

  23. Nola Crowder says

    Chris Rock and Anthony Hopkins are awesome. This was a good movie.

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