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BITCOIN & CRYPTO MARKET COLLISION 2021 | Indications I'm Seeing, What's Following?

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Are we nearing a top on the market? When will the cryptocurrency market collision in 2021? In this video clip, we review numerous reasons that a cryptocurrency intermediate top is looking most likely for 2021 and also reveal the check in the graphes of this possibly happening currently in altcoins while Bitcoin possibly takes the limelight for a (last?) rise to brand-new all-time highs.

This is NOT a FUD or Hopium-filled video clip. This is a take a look at exactly how I see and also check out the marketplace making use of technological evaluation and also my investing experience.

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⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 Hopium-Free Market Accident Evaluation 2021
01:57 Specialists understand when to Departure Markets
07:17 Durations, Dates and also Variables to Take into consideration
13:02 Technical Evaluation: Very Early Indications of Cryptos WEAKENING
28:41 TLDR Market Accident in 2021

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I am not a monetary expert. The concepts provided in this video clip are individual viewpoints and also for amusement functions just. You (and also just you) are in charge of the economic choices that you make. Concepts provided in this video clip are my viewpoints at the day of shooting and also might have transformed in the future.

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ISRC: USUAN1600068

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BITCOIN & CRYPTO MARKET COLLISION 2021 | Indications I'm Seeing, What's Following?

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  1. Jason Pizzino says

    ✔︎ Let's get the video to 3,333 likes!
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  2. Jason Holm says


  3. Casey Lee says

    Just crashed today

  4. Jeffrey van Rossum says

    Analysis of AVAX, THETA, SNX, ATOM would be nice!

  5. gc1282 says

    This will be a global agreement (G20) to ban Bitcoin. It'll happen. It's a really slow death for bitcoin. It's a useless, outdated technology. Since it's useless they started calling it a 'store of value' lol.

  6. Evangeline Barrón says

    I’m very new to the world of finance & investment & it makes me wonder how I didn’t notice before it’s parallels to astrology. I’ve been observing these types of videos for a couple months now & then cross referencing them with the transit chart of btc & other coins to see how they parallel & it’s super fascinating. My brain loves any activity that involves pattern seeking like how am I just discovering this now lol

  7. Chris Lewis says

    Great illustration with Sandra Jonas you will be shown why it’s better to hit singles and doubles than to try to hit home runs.

  8. B B says

    The clickbait title is irritating bro. Please don't go down the MM Crypto clone rabbit hole?

  9. ZNEOPEC says

    Water Bearer Sign?🎇 3-21-21 (333) Equinox 🌄💥XRP♒ Flood of Liquidity.😂

  10. ZNEOPEC says

    What happens when the world learns David Schwartz of Ripple was the creator of unsustainable digital asset beta test fuelhog called BITCOIN?😱


  11. Dinger Ling says

    Comment section on crypto videos are cancer. Funny how youtube censors and filters the most pointless shit but you go on a crypto video and its all cop pasted scams.

  12. nosferatuera says

    bitcoin forever. altcoin come and go. 60% of altcoin are a scam take care

  13. Willem Kolfoort says

    BE CAREFULL!!! Institutional investors Will bring the Price down when the markets open totday!!!🤢😵‍💫😵

  14. Maci Mooheart says

    You need to know this peak will not be like 2017 it will be like 2013. It goes up takes breathier for 3-4 months (summer) and goes up again parabolic later 2021. YFI is trading at and equivalent $40 compared to BTC float (based on YFI 29K tokens super rare). If YFI was equivalent to BTC it would be 394,00,000 per coin. REEF has tons of news not coming up, patience. We already know Crypto can trade green against stock market. It happened a few weeks ago.

  15. Maci Mooheart says

    We may never see the crash of 2018 again. Reason is BTC is held by too many big rich hands who will buy more, ITS SUPER RARE, and plenty of people waiting to BUY IT CHEAPER.

  16. Nuno. M says

    I will be selling also at biginning of this summer, maybe May. Globally Recession of this year is inevitable due to covid-19, people will need money, money will be required to get on again with the "normal life" that hopefully will be coming start of may slowly. I might be wrong or not, but i'm ready for a 50% correct and for the bear market.

  17. Đevad Žnidarec says

    you're good at research but currently crypto market has been battered by negative comments this week, with long-time skeptic and now Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen saying at a New York Times conference on Monday that the token is an “extremely inefficient way of conducting, “Investors are closing positions, which will have generated significant gains for many of them.”Hodling is proftable, although trading is far more proftable.

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  18. Arno Van Rij says

    Nice video, but you can't know when there is a major Dip.. or when the bull market end. Every thing is different from the last 10 years crypto. So i respect the help you give to others. But its not alright to tell people there is a crash coming around end of May😂😂 you Don't know that! Nobody knows!

  19. Aaron says

    BITCOIN gonna crash so bad this year

  20. David do Carmo says

    Clickbait for a good waste of time.

  21. Clarissa Daniella says

    Nice contents you put up always👌.BTChits a new bullish price as people increased their bids in hopes of making huge gain from the rise but as we can all see now the market is very unstable , the truth is that you can always make more profit from tradln rather than just hodlin and waiting for the price of BTCto skyrocket . Indeed its a tough decision for both old and newb!es whose intensions are just to hodl and sell but rather the potentials of tradln.Iwept deply and prayed after the last time i had much loses, my Uncle introduced me to Expt. Tony Max who i started tradln with since late last year,i've covered up and made over 21 B T c even with the ups and downs since the journey . With Tony Max I no longer have to worry about the rise and dip ofBitcoin. For profess!onal guidiance, you can easily get to Tony on Teleqram; (@Tony_signal22 ) 👈

  22. Lord Mango says

    Besides Bitcoin and Ethereum, I find that Cardano and Litecoin are probably the best long term investments. I'm also betting on Enjin, but that's just me

  23. Owen Patel says

    I think investing in crypto under forex will be the wisest thing doing now

  24. Patrick The Plumber says

    You only loose when you sale if there is a crash hold until it comes back diamond hands of you can

  25. Max says

    I can imagine a further correction over the course of march with Bitcoin testing lower price levels again and alts following. That could also give the market some more time to breath and would allign with the historical weak month of march. Then a potential push through later spring/ early summer, going for new ATHs

  26. BullSolo says

    its called waves! lol

  27. kieran himself says

    Noob in the comments

  28. Stephen Rowe says

    Is there going to be a market crash in May? I've only just bought 0,25% of bitcoin towards my retirement fund in 10 years. Do I sell and buy in the crash?

  29. killersurf says

    Should do the opposite of what Jason says, here he says sell reef and now look what it’s doing 😂

  30. Adrián Hernández says

    OMG, finally, a decent crypto channel, with bar charts and no rocketship emois or orgasmic faces. You won me when you mentioend reccumulation. I wonder if you´re familair with wyckoff or it was ure mere coincidence.

  31. Manju J says

    Hey Jason, Missing your regular technical views on ASX stocks. Would appreciate if you could share your views on BUB ASX stock with the recent half year results

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