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Bitcoin: Ray Dalio “Almost all wealth” will certainly be ruined🤯 Makes the instance for Bitcoin🔥🚀

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Ray Dalio Meeting:

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Bitcoin: Ray Dalio “Almost all wealth” will certainly be ruined🤯 Makes the instance for Bitcoin🔥🚀

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  1. Rex Young says

    Ray Dalio is such a brilliant and influential figure. I’d be surprised if he/Bridgewater doesn’t announce a Bitcoin allocation this year. We’re at $55K and Microstrategy is planning an additional $900M BTC buy in the coming days. Corporates are scrambling and a $1.9T Gov stimulus is coming. BTC price is simply catching up to the macro environment.

  2. Bobby Digital says

    Ray Dalio is a huge proponent of Gold

  3. Darko Novak says

    In Vatikan – cause they have GOLD and you can go from 1800 🙂

  4. douglas says

    buy litcoin it's better than bitcoin, right now cost only $ 170 dollar , there is only 80 million litecoins for 21 million bitcoins ( LTC=$170, BTC=$50.000) so X10 is possible for March plus Litecoin transaction time is four times faster than Bitcoin's

  5. Cory G says

    He is not making a case for Bitcoin at all! If anything he is making a case for assets that will always be valuable and have stood the test of time. Gold, Copper, Silver, Land, Oil, and anything that actually has real world value not just some digital coin that may or may not work and hardly has 10 years of history in the market. I think Bitcoin could be the new currency, or I hope it is and I hope it works, but this video has nothing about making the case for Bitcoin.

  6. Joseph Aziz says

    I sick and tired of the Big Boys scaring and threatening us to death. They put toxic chem trails containing radioactive thorium in the air every day to exterminate us. CHEM TRAILS CAUSE COVID necessitating more and more vaccines–sick of it. Sick of lying media and stolen elections. I'm sick of being buzzed by the Nazi Cabal airplanes every night at @ over my house. I sick of fake viruses and perhaps all too real toxic vaccines. I lot of people are sick from Covid vaccines in addition to the getting sick from Covid. I'm sick of Bill Gates's extermination plan to "save the planet". I'm sick of Biden's advisors saying no one should live over 70. I'm sick of Big Boys stealing gemstones from Africa while debasing their currency and instigating wars to keep Blacks busy while they steal the gemstones. That's why Bitcoin is needed. It's Bitcoin or the Mark of the Beast.

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  8. Johnny Patrick says

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  9. Xx Xx says

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  10. H H says


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  12. El Capitan says

    I feel I’ve been clickbaited.

  13. Jack4nd1 says

    I’m a fan of Ray Dalio, and I’m bullish on BTC.
    HOWEVER, this video is an unfair misrepresentation of where Dalio currently stands.
    He himself has recently published an essay of his three reasons why he is still skeptical of Bitcoin.
    Don’t misrepresent people. Otherwise you’re just as bad as the very thing that the Bitcoin movement is fighting against.

  14. Cryp to kruz . c om says

    The more BTC you stack, the more Sats your stack, the better it will be for your future.

    Don't lose sight of the revolution. Be a Bitcoin HODLER no matter what. be informed cryptocurrency is a movement hoop on the train already or regret later . it doesnt stop anytime soon , be involved ,

  15. Albert Perez says

    Any person with a brain would Not invest their money on Bitcoin because is an Scam trying to make it legal.

  16. Adrian Blackburn says

    Ray Dalio is a dummie if he is just figuring out Bitcoin now. LATE to the party.

  17. Crypto verge says

    I pray that whoever that read and like will be successful, IF YOU WANT TO BE SUCCESFUL HAVE THE MINDSET OF THE RICH AND SPEND LESS AND INVEST MORE.

  18. David Jansen says

    Governments, throughout history caused wars, destroyed wealth, health and general happiness. Humanity needs to change the way it is governed if it wishes to build truly advanced civilizations. It starts with relieving governments of the control of they have over our money and production. A government should assist and help facilitate but never dictate. We own the government not the other way around. Decentralization of power is coming.

  19. Nathalie Camp says

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  20. crypto kruz . com says

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  21. sealobo says

    he didn't exactly say the B word? maybe he's talking about gold or diamond? lol

  22. Carlos Gaviria says

    And this interview is from ????

  23. iced coffee says

    Remember, bitcoin is for rich people. It is not for poor people!! don't let em trick you

  24. Vegan Is the future says

    dudeeee, he is talking about Diversificaton, not just bitcon. Buy gold now I would say, and few cryptos

  25. Titan Boss says

    Thank you

  26. Eric Martin says

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  27. Capt kushal says

    Somebody donate Ray Dalio few satoshi and shut his mouth 😂

  28. Jesse Ajuda says

    Nice video. He makes a great case for Bitcoin, gold, silver etc. hard to see anything else worth putting fiat money into

  29. Daniel Interdonato says

    Thank you for subtitles!

  30. Richard France says

    Crypto could be a trap. People put wealth into crypto, the money printers get into crypto, the price goes up and people think its going to go up forever. They wake up -70%. Their wealth has now gone back to the 13 Venetian families who control the world.

  31. sooner54 says

    As much as I love my crypto Ray did say an asset that has withstood the test of time. thats why I hold silver and gold. We are so lucky to be able to have access to Ray's vast knowledge of the markets. Thank you for the vid. Cheers.

  32. AH Imaging says

    No he doesn't make a case for bitcoin. He doesn't reference it once. But yeah, I get where your clickbate mind is going.

  33. Mike Jamieson says

    Why is he scared to say the word ‘BitCoin’!!!!!

  34. mcadaal says

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  35. Aardvark Brown says

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  36. Andrei Kelly says

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  37. Helen Nikolas says

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  38. DAYDREAMMER says

    Thinking about wealth as we know it being destroyed is jarring and sobering.

  39. brysKurt doodadsHall says

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