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Cultivating Accountable AI Management (Choice 2) | DAVOS SCHEDULE 2021

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Expert system (AI) holds the guarantee of making companies 40% a lot more reliable by 2035, which represents $14 trillion in financial worth.

What plans, techniques as well as collaborations are required to make sure mathematical responsibility as well as openness?

Audio Speakers: Kay Firth-Butterfield, Arvind Krishna, Vilas Dhar,, Henrietta H. Fore

The Globe Economic Discussion Forum is the International Company for Public-Private Teamwork. The Discussion forum involves the primary political, organization, social as well as various other leaders of culture to form international, local as well as market schedules. Our team believe that development occurs by uniting individuals from all profession that have the drive as well as the impact to make favorable modification.

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Cultivating Accountable AI Management (Choice 2) | DAVOS SCHEDULE 2021

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  1. Antonio Aranio says

    WTF is that tool Will i Am doing here? Am I Waking up from a coma? Or maybe going into one. FFS 🤦🏻‍♂️

  2. Cyborg Bear says

    These psychopaths clearly do not understand what it means to be human.

  3. K C says

    The biggest con artists who benefited most from fraudulent money mechanisms, cronyism, war, slavery and huge conflicts of interest whilst destroying the environment in the meanwhile think they should be the earths stakeholders, absolutely vile.

  4. patazertyui says

    These 4th reich people should be jailed

  5. baddreamm says

    AI will be our downfall. We need to stop but we won’t because it’s not up to us anymore. These disgusting elites think the AI won’t enslave them because they made it, but it will certainly delete them the same way it will delete the rest of us.

  6. Robbie James says

    Sell outs

  7. P. S. says

    In my opinion ai is a intelligence when it reaches or when humans allow it to use the singularity. That what we call ai today is what ? Programs, algorythms, models, pattern recognition technology ? I mean its the building process of ai but real ai would be free and selflearning. The question is can humans allow electricity and metal to be smarter then us ? Its very risky but it looks like that we need a smarter non human "god" to say us what we have to do. Bcs we are very limited on reccources like time etc.
    A ai in the singularity could show us ways that we cant emagine bcs we humans are not that smart, we are smart but we not even close tothink that what a computer could think. The problem is that a ai without feelings could do very logic things but they are ofc not even close to ethics or moral doable things.
    I think a machine need feelings to tell us what is the best that we could do. I mean when u ask a ai whitout feelings and mercy what humans should do against overpopulation then it would say kill many humans and after that control the birthrate.
    I mean this is logic but not good, its a answer but its not acceptable. The problem is that a ai without feelings would take the fastest and easyest way to fix a problem. When we tell it that we are the problem then it handle us like a problem.
    Even when u tell the ai that no human can be hurted then it would say ok then sterilize humans. Again it would fix the problem but its not good.

    This ai what we call ai today is just a large tool for logistic workflows. Its maybe good for mathematik and order but its not intelligence in my opinion. Not yet as far as i know ofc. I know only that what a normal civil human can know so its hard to say where ai is today, how far it is.

    Just a few thougts…

  8. Scott Rainford says

    This doesn't sound like a cult at all….

  9. Fanny Detector says

    Global Artificial intelligence alliance. GAIA. Have you hijacked somebody else’s name?

  10. 1234qwer says

    Will. I. Am talking about AI… Ummmmmm right

  11. Roy Jackson says


  12. Dana Bright says

    the energy of these people is soooo psycho

  13. Youpijah Ggdn says


  14. Alexander Freyer says

    Its so nice that A.I and machines are used to make money, eventually Galaxy domination. I mean imagine if wasted such resources and knowledge to do something like live in symbiosis with our Planet and Galaxy.. Imagine if knowledge and technology was open for all to use, that huge wall of power being the in the hands of the few..

  15. tom brooks says

    Why's will I am looking left to right so much

  16. GO VEGAN!! says

    These people are the reason we shut down the society….These people are scumbags

  17. john doe says

    once it is your day, on that day you will be terrified. And you would like to go to your mother and father, but it has already been their day. waiting for the end, you will get more and more scared. because you know the people you love you will never see again, warrom? you will go to the wrong side. goodnight jerk.

  18. Rigger Mortis FPV says

    Dismantle the WEF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. The Bangers says

    Jesus is Lord and he will rule the world. He is a watching you. He will hand over this earth to the meek. Ha ha

  20. marisa drake says

    AI will destroy humanity.

  21. Osiris Cleaning, LLC says

    I don't think this lady is reading anything, she's lying.

  22. Richard Jochum says

    Responsible AI leadership, when it is built by irresponsible idiots, AKA our current world leaders.

  23. Brian Kennedy says

    And who appointed you to handle this ? And better yet , what makes you think you are qualified? Also , what makes you think we need or want such nonsense? Let me help you answer. Self appointed. You are not qualified , not needed , not wanted. Keep out of our buisness and our lives.

  24. thedjslipmatt says

    A lot of old white folks here hey… is that not simply prejudice? How about content of character. Skin colour doesn't actually get anything done thicko. 'Build Back Bitter'

  25. Karrma says

    Mother Earth has nothing to do with this bullshit! Gaia is living stop twisting up all that is good!

  26. Truth Cerum says

    We need a few cruise missiles thrown about to reset the unelected elites who fly around in jets telling us what to do!

  27. Just a pug on the internet. says

    They are rich enough to go and live in their own private islands, right? They can leave us in peace, and we will continue to live life. These people think they own us

  28. J S says

    It is, therefore, possible to manipulate the nervous system of a subject by pulsing images displayed on nearby computer moniter or TV set. For the latter, the image pulsing may be embedded in the program material, or it may be overlaid by modulating a video stream, either as an RF signal or as a video signal. The image displayed on a computer monitor may be pulsed by a simple computer program. For certain monitors, pulsed electromagnetic fields capable of exciting sensory Resonances in nearby subjects may be generated even as the displayed images are pulsed with Subliminal Intensity!
    US Patent 6 5 0 61 48 B2

  29. Pradhumn Kanase says

    No one elected you

  30. Ghost Owl says

    Begone you elite satanic psychos I denied, I never accept your evil genocide psychotic great reset plan , we don't ask, we don't want, we don't need 😠😠😠

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