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English Google Search Engine Optimization office-hours from January 29, 2021

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This is a recording of the Google Search Engine Optimization office-hours hangout from January 29, 2021. These sessions are open to anything web designer connected like creeping, indexing, mobile websites, internationalization, replicate material, Sitemaps, Look Console, pagination, replicate material, multi-lingual/multi-regional websites, and so on.

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Do not hesitate to join us – we invite web designers of all degrees!

English Google Search Engine Optimization office-hours from January 29, 2021

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  1. Taste of handmade says

    url inspector tool is not working to instant index, why?? any update??

  2. LegenDARIE says

    YouTube team must be devested to hear they won't be benefiting from the ranking boost of passing all core web vitals. Or are they exempt?

  3. ok boomer says

    I have observed a few niche sites, who are doing keyword stuffing including alt image, but still able to rank on the first page, but they have a good domain rank of 40-50, does DR can make google ignore Key Word Stuffing?

  4. Bilik Dakwah says

    Good Jhon,
    I want to ask, How do I index my articles quickly ?
    thank you please follow up 🙏🙏🙏

  5. Juan Colome says

    Google sucks

  6. study object says

    amazing insights johnmu 1. https have been important but it will be mandatory from may 2021, another point core web vital will become mandatory , knowledge panel is becoming more important day by day

  7. Andrew Salko says

    How do you plan to solve the problem with site performance when using ADSense? Especially in terms of mobile versions, everything is very bad and there is no good solution. Site speed, CPU used, CLS – AdSense scripts are hurting Performance score.

  8. Kewal Dangal says

    Okey thank you

  9. Kewal Dangal says

    Solve my problem Thank you

  10. Pansotaa says

    Why google can't indexing my Poetry websites post
    Even here is 15 posts and they are not indexing

  11. Aashirvad Kumar says

    I have some questions.

    How can I join the next one.

  12. Emdadul Haque says


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