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Exactly how to obtain (and also remain!) INSPIRED in your Online Company

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Having a difficult time obtaining encouraged in your online organization? This video clip provides you pointers to aid you to obtain relocating with your Educators Pay Educators shop.

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Exactly how to obtain (and also remain!) INSPIRED in your Online Company

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  1. My Bilingual Life says

    Great tips. I actually just wrote an article on Medium about finding motivation just before I found this video. I think the main thing is to remember that motivation is not really an emotion….and even if so, I try to not let my emotions control my actions. Some days, you have to make your own motivation. I love my planners and to-do lists for this! Thanks for the great video!

  2. Markela Pd says

    Thank you for this video!

  3. ErinElliottMusic says

    Thank you for the motivation!! This has been a tough year mentally with pandemic teaching (been in person full time since late September) and I just haven’t been in a good routine all year. Thanks for the little kick in the butt to get it together and start getting my resources finished and up!

  4. Zoe did that does storytime! says

    Of course you have a Rae Dunn notebook! 😁 You are making me want all the Rae Dunn things!! And that dress. 😍

  5. Tina Robinson says

    First, congrats on 4K subscribers!
    My motivation is looking at my sales reports and seeing the amount go up lol

  6. Naomi McDougall says

    Made it to the end. Thanks for keeping things real it really helps with my journey.

  7. Gabrielle Domka says

    Becca I struggle to get out of bed every morning lol

  8. hoguejp says

    Is it legal to upload material from PowerPoint if I'm not using the business version of microsoft 365?

  9. M Rotteau says

    Great info and advice and that dress is amazing! I did make it to the end, as always.

  10. Holly Martin says

    I made only 3 sales on the TPT sale….(edited) So discouraging! And yes, I made it all the way to the end!

  11. driss lamrani says

    yeah becca

  12. Bea Medwecky says

    OK, because I do not intend on growing a YouTube channel, I am getting very excited about yours. 4K!! Yay.

    Also, your content is so great and pertinent AND free! Thank you.

  13. Helena Hains says

    Thank you Becca! I think I am having one of the same days you were having when you recorded this. But I’m listening to it as I am creating content and it’s crazy how many of these I already did TODAY to get motivated. Thank you for all that you do! ❤️ Oh and I made it to the end. Like always lol!

  14. Teach Kids Music says

    I needed this. Very little activity on the Feb #sale. Feeling a little discouraged. I am in month four now. -40 Here in 🇨🇦 today.

  15. Aron Rrustemaj says

    Yass! This video is everything. With online school and TpT at the same time it's sometimes difficult to have ideas. I do find myself at my computer doing nothing. Anyway, great video as per usual

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