Exactly how to purchase Safemoon via BitMart – Coinbase

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Exactly how to purchase Safemoon via BitMart – Coinbase (usage paypal/debit for immediate xlm transfer)

COINBASE – https://coinbase.com/join/aburns2?src=android-link

BITMART – https://h5.bitmart.com/invite-gift/en?r=57gpsV&u=+

Please note: Cryptos are high threat as well as unpredictable financial investment as well as it is necessary that you recognize the threats prior to you begin trading. It might surge yet after that comes collapsing down truly promptly. That indicates it might lead to large returns yet might additionally lead to large losses. Some freshly introduced coins/tokens might be legit while, some might be rip-off, phony or carpet pull. Do your very own research study as well as utilize your finest reasoning prior to spending. This video clip is for referral as well as info objectives just as well as have to not be thought about as a referral neither monetary encourage. I am additionally never, form or kind linked neither related to these token/coins or electronic money. I am simply a crypto investor/trader like you. I am exempt for any type of losses, tax obligations or problems that might sustain. Some web links might have recommendation or associates web link as well as I might make a little compensation at no charge to you. This network do not declare any type of legal rights over any one of the graphics, photos, tracks utilized in this video clip. All legal rights booked to the corresponding proprietors.

Exactly how to purchase Safemoon via BitMart – Coinbase

download_video >>> vid_id :H7uS5FV8PlIhttps://www.youtubepp.com/watch?v=H7uS5FV8PlI
  1. nelson marine says


  2. MrJuandiego1988 says

    When I put 100% my just says zero. This is so frustrating.

  3. Fadimatu Yahaya says

    Since the day Davecracks was recommended for me have always běen referrinğ my loveð ones to Davecracks

  4. Bryan Smith says

    I did the manual resetting but yet it was still locked until DAVECRACKS ón lIG did his magic loĺ

  5. Gregory Beach says

    What happens if you posted the memo in the note section by accident. My transaction is not appearing in my BitMart wallet

  6. madhan biswa says

    why does it say 0 balance when i try to transfer coinbase to bitmart

  7. A Roy says

    I put my adress code n memo code n it still doesn’t work

  8. Joe J says

    Do you always gotta wait days to be able to
    Send it over to BitMart ? Also when you finally transfer to BitMart does BitMart also charge you for transferring over like I see the fee on Coinbase to purchase is there another fee thru BitMart cause I sent 50 bucks one time from Base to mart and it said I only got like 4 bucks invested into safemoon please help have many questions

  9. John Roby says

    Get rid of the god-awful music.

  10. Relaxation Station says

    I pray that everone on here is blessed financially 1000x fold ESPECIALLY AIZE for helping us !

  11. Relaxation Station says

    Thank you for making it clear and thorough.

  12. Asadbek Nigmatov says

    Thank you ????

  13. Jona 8A says

    Help!! I kinda messed up big time before finding this video and sent my money using the XLM QR code on the Coinbase app instead of using the QR code of BitMart….I don't know where my money could have gone….anyone know where I can find it??

  14. 2METROATL says


  15. Sibi Stephen says

    Do I need to place both address and memo together in the same location for Mobile, email,address?

  16. vinnie handymanllc says

    Damn mine is gone but I did max it on coin base and it only went $3

  17. Rivers Blasingame says

    i’ve sold my XLM on bitmart but when i go to buy safemoon i have no money available, please help

  18. SS says

    Thank you so much

  19. 260ELITEATHLETE says

    Mine said trade instead of exchange

  20. Russell Fletcher says

    Awesome video- thanks!

  21. Joe Gomez says

    Ok so if i did it through my bank it wont let me transfer it until 7 to 10 days? I try to transfer and it just tells me i dont have any xlm when i put money into it already

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