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Goldman Sachs Numerical Calculation Previous Year Concerns!

  1. says

    We are going to upload all section previous year questions very soon on our Channel. Kindly Share this video with your classmates and friends from 2021 and 2022 batches so that it will motivate us to create more videos! 🙂

  2. Waseem Ud Din Wani says

    1st Q: 1:34
    2nd Q: 2:50
    3rd Q: 9:43
    4th Q: 11:17
    5th Q: 17:36

  3. Rijula Batabyal says

    Can we use calculator during the exam?

  4. Rijula Batabyal says

    Pls upload evey question and also other previous year question papers 🙏along with solutions

  5. Priyanka B says

    This test is only for engineering 2021 & 2022 graduates.. is BSC 2021 graduates eligible for this test
    Or not🙄

  6. parag roy says

    Thanks for the video…Nice explanation

  7. Ashutosh Bhadauriya says

    Sir, you sound like the careeride's aptitude teacher.

  8. dream catcher says


  9. Shubham Pokhriyal says

    Can you tell. Some sources to. Solve these type of problems

  10. Nikhil Tiwari says

    Sir please can you comment down all the topics which we need to study wrt each section. Can you please name the topics. For example numerical computation, age problems will come and etc.

  11. venkata anusha yerra says

    Sir, please provide exam pattern for Goldman Sachs ………is the pattern changed? From last time..

  12. Sayan Karmakar says

    For a clarification will there be coding questions????

  13. Abhinav Telukunta says

    I think the answer for train problem is 41(1/4) km/hr. I did it and finally got c as the answer.

  14. Jhilmil Gil says

    Sir, can you please tell me that after registration, after approx how much time the test will be held. And also, is it like a single test or multiple test for INTERNSHIP!?

  15. Pratik Jugant Mohapatra says

    sir..apart from previous years can you give similar or a bit tough questions for Goldman sachs in wp group?

  16. Ayush Shukla says

    Sir, please add more videos ,
    Because less than a month is left for the exam.

  17. Ayush Shukla says

    Sir please provide the source of all the sections ,so that we can practice lots of questions.

  18. Mr No says

    Our college will be ending in around august sep this year due to the delay due to covid
    The joining is during may june
    Can the joining be delayed later once i get selected or i should not apply

  19. Ankita Singh says

    Plzz sir, its a humble request from my side plzz give another ques example of other section of goldmann sach by which we can prepare in short time… Plzz sir

  20. Rohish Zade says

    Great Initiative by TalentBattle . Thank You !

  21. Hussainy Naseem says

    Only for engineering students

  22. Ravi Raj Informal says

    Questions from other sections plz

  23. Shubham Pokhriyal says

    Great video please bring more remaining ques solution also..

  24. Abhishek kaushik says

    Sir please provide solutions of all questions that was asked last year so that we can prepare.🙏🙏

  25. Ankur Verma says

    When you will going to teach how to prepare for tcs Nqt ??

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