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Google Browse Information (Jan ‘21) – crawling & indexing updates, web link structure, as well as much more

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In this January episode of Google Browse Information, John Mueller looks at current advancements in the Google Browse globe. Keep tuned to find out about:

0:00 Introductory
01:12 Creeping as well as indexing review
01:35 Creeping updates
03:24 Indexing updates
04:34 Discover more concerning web link possibilities
05:50 Structured Information Screening Device information

Creeping updates
Upgraded Crawl Statistics report in Browse Console →
Huge website proprietor’s overview to handling your crawl budget plan →

Indexing updates
Demand (re)indexing is back →
Index Insurance coverage information renovations →

NeoMam Envy Listing 2020: The 28 Finest Projects We Didn’t Create by Gisele Navarro →

New video clip collection – Lasting Monetized Sites →

All Google Browse Information episodes →
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Google Browse Information (Jan ‘21) – crawling & indexing updates, web link structure, as well as much more

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  1. van thanh vo says


  2. Jay MCC says

    excellent news!!! 👏👏👏👏 best of best

  3. Andrea Lyn Van says

    I would like to hear more about how structured data and how that may change moving forward. That seemed like almost an afterthought in the video, but it seems like it could be very important.

  4. jagdish jangir says

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  5. PHEAK LOVE says

  6. Hot Babe DJ says

    Very amaterish Youtuber!

  7. Andreas Deligeorge says

    A video on Internal link structure / slio-ing, click-depth & orphaned pages please!

  8. OxFo says

    Request indexing feature

  9. AZE PLUS says

    Subiter добавите пожалуйста

  10. Rita Vidigal says

    Very useful!! Thank you, John

  11. Nicky Thissen says

    Hello John, hope all is great for you as well! Thank you so much for the info. Although you mention that buying links is not the suggested way to get links… It seems to me that Google created a complete business model for link building for money. Meaning nobody in the world longer places links for free is you are a small business…. I am really curious about the assessment that Google makes of the development over the last years..

  12. Nick Dorogavtsev says

    1. More about links, please
    2. Stop talking about Special Year
    3. Don't care about crawling

  13. samundras shrestha says

    very nice

  14. Fikry Aly says

    Thanks more info

  15. Genesis Abel says

    Well, that's news for me today – Feb 5th, springy news anchorman with enthusiasm that's contrary to the subject of the news 🙂 Thanks John!

  16. Aleksandr Povoroznyuk says

    Are you in Facebook?

  17. Ali Jahani says

    thanks john

    for reading log file in host

    easy way use screaming from log analyzer

  18. Don't Panic It's Organic says

    Definetly more news on EAT

  19. Federico Gaspari says

    Sitemap for google sites cms ??? 😕😔 , google sites dosen't work on google search!!! Lol

  20. Casino Desk says

    specially the Structured Data Tool

  21. Nachshon Lenet says

    Life IS treating me reasonably well

  22. Dmitri R says

    John is forever young 🙂

  23. Khaled Belkhalfa says

    Wilcam chfdjbvhgun

  24. Yogi Pratama Putra says

    hi mr jon, why diifficult for appear in tab news Google, i wait for longtime since 2019. can u hear me😑

  25. Iqbal4u Vlog says

    Is there any link for crawling that we can put in our site

  26. Muhammad Arshad says

    Sir thanks ..from Pakistan..learn from u a lot..M.A Mayo

  27. Duy Lê says

    I know this has been asked probably a hundred times already, but what can we really do to recover from core updates?

  28. Steve Glen says

    thank you

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