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Grass Embrioded 3 item match | Embrioded 3 item match | Successful online organization concepts

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Invite to Organization Suggestions YouTube Network. The subjects of Organization Suggestions goes over on his YouTube network focus on background, organization, faith, existing events, health and wellness as well as motivating tales.
Organization Suggestions YouTube network is taken care of by Jamshaid Badar. All Copyrights Reserved.
It is an academic network, I provide you Expertise regarding YouTube as well as Organization Suggestions in Urdu/Hindi.

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Grass Embrioded 3 item match | Embrioded 3 item match | Successful online organization concepts

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  1. Samina BiBi says


  2. Ruby Char says

    How do we order from USA? Online?

  3. Arham Ali says

    Lekin ye scam bills.plz trustworty people ki video banaya kare

  4. Arham Ali says

    Badar bhai ap pe trust kar k in se kapre mangwai the

  5. Arham Ali says

    Video me tu Anus Bhai bohat sweet banta hai.lekin asal me bohat rudely bat karte

  6. Raja Toseef Yaqoob says

    Phly khaty ha suit ap ko ap k door step py mily ga dc k pasy B ly k suit pata nai rawalpindi k ksi ofic ma ha wo kha ry k aa k pik kry hom delivery nai mily g

  7. Raja Toseef Yaqoob says

    Anas bhai logo jo vedio ma khaty ha wo krty nai ha

  8. Azam Raja says

    Advance payment bhi la li or delivery charges bhi

  9. Azam Raja says

    Way of dealing with the customer is so rude and pathetic.

  10. Azam Raja says

    Keh rahay hai khud pick kare .Hum ap ke parcel ke zamedar nahi.What is this behaviour?????

  11. Azam Raja says

    Badar bhai in se kapra mangwai thay .Bohat din ho gai hai jab call ki in ko tu bohat rudely baat ki.Advance payment bhi la li ha or parcel abhi tak nahi aya .doorstep pe delivery ka keh k unho ne parcel kisi office me pohancha dia hai .

  12. Aneeka Mazhar says


  13. Max Hal says

    اسلام علیکم بدر بھائی پلیز ان سے کہے کہ ایسے ہی ہمیشہ ایک سوٹ بھی ہول سیل پر بھی دے دیا کرے

  14. Dms Shoq says

    ھول سیلر کو یہ زیب نہیں دیتا کہ ایک سوٹ بھی دے

  15. Me Rana Usman says

    1200ka dou zaida h 1550

  16. Ibrahim Khan says

    Price are not wholesale

  17. Beauty At Home says

    . nice video 💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐

  18. alina zahoor says

    Bhai aik video aisi bhe bunain k waqi original suits brands k factory se kaisay miltay hain aur kitni investment chahiay qk ab stamps k saath bhe original nahi hotay

  19. Zia ul Haq Showman says

    Good information for business. 👍👍👍🌷🌷🌷⚘⚘🌹🌹🌹

  20. Sobi Chaudhary says


  21. Khadija Ali says

    Lwn duptta ni h

  22. munni and mama says

    Azam market ky wholesale bhi introduce kerway jo brands ka kam ker rahy ha or different kamo ka bhi

  23. Shazad ahmad says

    Rate thek hain

  24. Shazad ahmad says

    Beautiful clrs good video

  25. Hina Khurram says

    Bhai ye 1 ya 2 ni even 3 b nai dety 5 piece lain to discount pr dety hn otherwise retail price pr dety hn

  26. omee vlogs says


  27. Jannat fashion point says

    2 pc 3 pc embroidered lawn

  28. Jannat fashion point says

    3 pc suit 2 pc embroidered lawn

  29. Jannat fashion point says

    Mashallah mere canal par 3 pc suit 2 pc embroidered lawn

  30. Jannat fashion point says

    Nice vedo

  31. abdul rehman says

    Nice 👌👌👌👌👌

  32. Ms. Farooq says

    Sorry hamary bahi

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