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  1. Attitude Tv says

    What of those that are not in Nigeria where will they get Merinda mineral?

  2. Regg Homm says

    How do I be a part of your networking business

  3. Abolarin Oluwatobiloba says

    Please can I use transparent white rubber to do for that of online business recipe

  4. Lylian Addison says

    You are a blessing to my life and my family thank you so much

  5. Lylian Addison says

    Thanks so much Aunty, am loving you it

  6. Biafra Freeedom says

    Pls i want to join the online business pls.i enjoy ur show so much. THANKS u 🙌🙌🙌

  7. Njoku Louis says

    Please lady p,am just baffled with the the way my friends are rushing me for a business in ghana.they told me that I have to register with #420000 and I will be receiving $225 every week as my problem is that I don't know if it is a scam or legit business.and secondly you refer two persons to the company before I will start receiving my weekly income.plz help me

  8. Omenajoy Skotia says

    Thanks 🙏 sis I pray for more wisdom 🙏🙏

  9. Philisiwe Ngidi says

    Thank you my sister I’m doing i5 just 4igh5 no w like v3 6ou

  10. Teache Tifuh Triphina says

    Hello thanks for sharing but We don't have that juce in Cameroon please

  11. GLO RY says

    Thank you dear PLS any alternative to Merinda I can't found it in my area

  12. CHIN Geraldine Bongayumo says

    What if you don't have merinda drink?

  13. Morryynn morine says

    In my country,we don't have merida soda n cube sugar.
    What substitute can I use pls

  14. Olufunke Tiwa says

    Good sis how do I join your networking business? I'm interested

  15. Xtra Natural Play says

    I am a web developer lady p, I can design any website but customer,

    Both appointment booking website or any business be it online store or affiliate marketing, I am ready to do it

  16. Fronty Billionz says

    Nice one, but how do I join your online business?

  17. MRS CHIGO UDE says

    Where do I get ash from.please

  18. Samuel Olawale Gabriel says

    Please can you do a video on how to make a thief get irritated at your property and belongings

  19. Nnamdi Uche Mba says

    You are not doing well miss…..a sim mgi pinyere m akara Ekwe ntigi ke mgbe ogini naeme.


    Hello lady P! How can one sanctify himself from abortion sin?

  21. harzeezart Oluwatosin says

    Thank you ma. Can someone that already has a job and is looking for a better one do this recipe?

  22. One Man Went To Mow says


  23. Fonkem Isabella says

    Thank you very much mummy!!!!
    Sorry to say we don't have merinda here in Cameroon, what should we do it now???

  24. Chuks Roberts says

    Please can someone use Fanta instead of Mirinda? there's no mirinda here

  25. Tina Kelvin says

    I want to know how about ur biz because am interested

  26. Patience Okolo says

    May I no the online business. Please.

  27. Cerie Telpy says

    Am very interested in your online business so can you teach me please miss promise you say all i have to do is say am interesting.

  28. Cerie Telpy says

    Can i use the white sugar or the brown sugar. I cant get the cube sugar am looking for that sugar for some time now and i can t get it. So can i use seven cups of the white sugar or the brown sugar Nice lady

  29. Yes oooo,help me lady P, I want to join you, u want to do on line business,

  30. Abigail Tetteh says

    Please I don't have a shop neither do I do online business but I go for the good's and distribute to my customers please can I do the washing too

  31. Divany Sweetness says

    Pls ma they don’t sell marinda here. Can I use Fanta???

  32. Hafsat Salami says

    Thanks so much,mu online business has been giving me headache since.please are we also doing it on Monday morning,or anytime🙏

  33. Gagaor Philippa says

    God bless you ma.

  34. Racheal Nkpabor says

    Thank u very much ma'am, u are a blessing, for those of us who are into online business, should we use the recipe after batting in the morning or before batting? And, can we still bath that day again??

    Can it also be done together with salt bathing recipe? Or how can one alternate the salt bath and this one ?

  35. Johsua Arinze says

    Will this work for boys working online

  36. Amaka Nzube says

    I'm not in Nigeria can I use any other drink?

  37. Benjamin Dadzie says

    Tell me more about your networking

  38. Cannan Landof says

    thank you sister Lady p for your wonderful teaching I have something doing but still looking for Connection to be in a better position where more blessings and more comfortable can come in should I do the same thing

  39. Faith Friday says

    Please what is Archie

  40. Up Top says

    Whats the name of the drink that was mentioned please

  41. Lady P pls what of if am doing online game

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