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Make $10 – $100 A Day Trading Crypto ( Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin ) | A Technique Anyone Can Utilize 2021

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0:00 – Introductory
04:57 – Bitcoin Evaluation
11:07 – Ethereum Evaluation
15:45 – XRP Evaluation
18:10 – Litecoin Evaluation
21:15 – Outro

On the internet trading is an extremely dangerous investment/profession. It is not advised as well as encouraged. Please continue by yourself duty.

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Make $10 – $100 A Day Trading Crypto ( Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin ) | A Technique Anyone Can Utilize 2021

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  1. Everything Presidential says

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  2. Eddy Khangsengsing says

    What you’ve done for me is an unforgettable memory I spent lot of time here but fortunately I met him and he made the hack possible for me. You’re so great @Felixtrades0 on lG,

  3. MIKE Mike says

    So when price reach the marked zone would u just enter or wait for conformation?

  4. Mellokz says

    Great content, I learned so much by watching this. Thanks a lot. Pleeease do more of your live videos, they are so helpful and educational.

  5. Jonz Wikk says

    can you show some samples where you make $10-$100 per trade?

  6. Rahjah Harris says

    It doesn’t look like there is setups everyday to make money

  7. Loven Angelo G. Dayola says

    You are smart!

  8. Dappa khan says

    What time frames so u mark ur zones bro and what is the best ebtry frame u use?

  9. Stefan Ochisor says

    I watched almost all your videos regarding your style of trading, I made my homework and after some tests, went out in the real world with real money and made my all time loss in 3 days of trading, it’s amazing, I cannot thank you enough! This also works with futures, both buying or selling the market, you are awesome, thank you so much, please know that I appreciate all the wisdom you are able to share.

  10. John Abdul Eichie says

    Thanks for sharing

  11. Nishad Kaluarachchi says

    Great vedio as usual…thank you so much…..

  12. Trader 618 says

    You are too good Bro

  13. Fred Maestro says

    Hi, just a quick question. I find it confusing how you decide what low is the last seller before the major up move. There are several lows which happen before the major up move and you could have picked any of them. For example at 7:30 into your video you pick a buy zone at 44000usd, but arguably you could have picked the buy zone to be at 46000usd where you see the strong sell off followed by a strong momentum upwards.
    Another example would be at 12:23 into your video, why didn't you pick 1685usd as a zone as well? – there is a low there before a major up move too

  14. Aamir Ali Khan says

    Hi your videos are really motivational and I use to trade forex however when you stopped regarding our religious beliefs I lost the momentum and started focusing on studies although I both few crypto coins for future. Now that I have bought those I have no idea how do I withdraw it I live in UAE and I use to watch your twitch (my name on twitch is fe_ar) can you just make a video on how to withdraw by card or if it's a wallet address whatever there is regarding the withdrawal do let me know thxx

  15. 40 Sanjay.c says

    Super 👏

  16. Vasco Barata says

    Thanks a lot for your huge value… I am in your Telegram Channel. Where can I Buy Crypto OVR and DEUS for my Portfolio? I can't do it on Binance.

  17. Zakarie Hashi Ali says

    Thank u bro, pls answer this question. I am one of the young people who have been following iq option since the beginning of your chanel. What happen is it more risk? Thank u again.

  18. MrOzid says

    I trade on the same concept, but only with good psychology, waiting for a position and the market will reward you !!! you have tremendous knowledge, just keep it up, thank you so much!

  19. ibrahim isah says

    Thanks. Jazakallahu Khairan

  20. LT LIU says

    Many thanks and appreciate your time to share these fabulous video..cheers !

  21. Abdallah Habib says

    Jazzakumullahu khairan

  22. suse madlala says

    Thank you.

  23. suse madlala says

    Thank you.

  24. idris isah says

    Wish more Subscriber you are really sharing alot of knowledge here more blessings brother

  25. Kali Dass says


  26. Trading KT says

    Hi bhai

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