preparing to introduce my on the internet shop! local business vlog

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A service relevant vlog where I show you what I’m working with prior to introducing my 2nd company – Dashmal!
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s o c i a l m e d i a





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Crystal Conte
PO Box 90
Ballarat Central
Victoria 3353

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preparing to introduce my on the internet shop! local business vlog

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  1. Laureece says

    Hi Crystal. This is so interesting. Thank you for your vlogs talking us through the process. I’ve been looking at some courses that help you set up your own business online, but having trouble justifying the thousands of dollars they charge to learn how to go about setting up a store. So I’m very appreciative of your ideas and thoughts.

  2. I love cake says

    Congratulations on the new launch of your business, your start up stories are so interesting. Did you have to pay importation taxes on your imports?

  3. Sarah Budge says

    I thought the MAL part of dashmal was from how you and Dean say MALFIE – for some reason I was thinking Dash from the kardashian store – so weird.

  4. Megan Dart says

    I’ve been looking into starting my own small handmade business since having to quit my job and would love to know who you went through for your labels/packaging etc if you are able to share?

  5. Rina in London says

    Wow so cute

  6. Preet Kaur says

    Very genuine answers. So happy for this new journey. Would be more happier if Australian manufacturers were involved.

    thanks for being so honest, it’s you anyways.

  7. Carina w says

    Hey what company did you get your sticker and personalised shipping bags from

  8. ukhti khadeejah says

    Sooo happy for you! Can't wait to purchase a few things from your new shop ???????? much love x

  9. Renee Ann says

    You’re amazing, how exciting.

    I have a small business myself (candles) and it’s the best feeling being able to give parts of your passion to someone else ❤️

  10. Destiny Alyssa says

    Hey Crystal, I think heuristic play objects would be cool products to stock. Either as small kits or separates. Things like wooden balls/eggs, shiny balls, blocks, large buttons. They will still fit with your business aesthetic and you might be able to source from another small business ????

  11. K says

    Very excited to buy something and support your new business ????

  12. Brittany Smiith says

    It's about supporting local small businesses and supporting parent's stay home to raise their family. Every shop inc the big stores up their prices and prices continue to rise.
    I can't wait for your business to launch. I have my eye on 2 things already 🙂

  13. sultanxo says

    I love the business vlogs crystal! So interesting to see what goes into planning a new business. You’re doing amazing!! xoxo

  14. Natalija Mitanovska says

    Hi doll! Just like your milestone cards- would you do ones for the wardrobe for clothing? X

  15. 01poppyblue says

    So excited for you ???? Your store and products are so gorgeous ????????????

  16. Chantals Glamour Parlour says

    Love the business vlogs

  17. Flozzle says

    I don’t know if this has been asked before but where did you get the name Dashmal from?

  18. Briony Kate says

    Love your vids Crystal! I use square space as well for my online candle boutique. It’s so straight forward and easy to use!

  19. Rachelleea says

    omg yay, its all looking so good <3

  20. Mellie Mellie says

    I find this so interesting! Thanks for sharing the process!

  21. Jaimi lee Sloman says

    Yay! ???????????? love ur vlogs!

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