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SKIP BITCOIN! I Made $10k Turning NFT Kitties (Newbie NFT Acquiring Overview)

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NFTs are one of the most cheese round means to earn money in crypto. I generally recommend not being a cheese round…however if you MUST cheese do not make just the same blunders I did and also utilize this overview.

SKIP BITCOIN! I Made $10k Turning NFT Kitties (Newbie NFT Acquiring Overview)

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  1. Rutherford Alvarez says

    I have made huge profits on my investment since i started trading with Mrs Rachel Lynne Hume her investment strategy is a top notch

  2. Jaia Lansana says

    Awesome you should check out @NFTTAKEOVER Instagram!!!!! VEVE is massive

  3. Mito says

    First NHL NFT

  4. Getyournamedone says

    what platform is that?

  5. Simon Adams says

    Crypto investment holds several benefits and detriments so it's advisable for investors to be cautious with decisions.
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  6. JLP 333 says

    15:28 "My biggest suggestion to you over all is don't get into NFTS" I couldn't agree more

  7. Freedom Junky says


  8. Crypto Trulli says

    @t come and buy your own trullo

  9. Little0HD says

    Can you make a tutorial on how to buy NFT's and what sites you use?

  10. KhrisCell says

    I tried to buy a $20 cryptokitty and the gas fee for the purchase is $3000 that's ridiculous

  11. KhrisCell says

    I found an NFT that's free but when I was gonna "buy" it, it says I gotta pay $100 in gas fees. My question is, is that a one time fee on Opensea or do I have to pay a fee everytime I want to buy something?

  12. Bruno Sousa says

    Just came across a project called ButterflyNFT on twitter and OpenSea.
    Seems dope and with great potential.

  13. Sophia Joseph says

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  14. Nworgu Uchenna says


  15. sub786sub says

    I am literally laughing. I was looking for a comedy of 2021, i found here. Netflix sucks… I am laughing at NFT. what a drama. A gray box a rare one and red box. OMG am I still on planet earth

  16. Daniel Evans says

    Picasso Punks at least look half decent in comparison to the rest of the 'punks' imo

  17. Standup Tom says

    "aping into things" ROFL what was the primary exchange he used, anyone catch it?

  18. Frag says

    They are forcing people to have a reserve on auctions of atleast 1 eth.

  19. Nancy Annabel says

    One of the most exciting things that has happened to me was getting to trade with Mrs Katherine Nora.she has been a life changer,ever since I got to contact her it's been a massive improvement for me financially. I have earn alot of money including referring some more investors to her and none of them have any regrets contact her and be financially free.

  20. Achieve You says

    What platform do you use to buy these?

  21. Super Man Alpha says

    Vegetable Police anyone. These guy are brothers

  22. arni sls says

    if you show to a boy or girl a picasso's picture without tellim the name, they will say: the author is a 2 nd grade one ! all the modern art is a Nft , lasting 150 years ! thats why Nft will be huge: super stupid people with deep pockets will buy them ! as the stupidity is like covid 19, this mania will spread like fire ! and hopefully will last till I became millionair !!!

  23. Shane Barnett says

    what is the best NFT website you recommend and why?

  24. Diamondbeatzz says

    What are the fee's?

  25. phuong pham says

    Ha ha this is crazy, kid art.

  26. Scrypt Skynet says

    Ha ha ha

  27. Stones Alex says

    Thanks for this great video, it's really awesome. As a beginner on trading, it's almost inevitable that you're not going to experience ups and downs along the way of investing for yourself but trading with an expert who would guide you in making huge profits is the best. Think about Mrs Olivia Williams

  28. Bentley Chan says

    I pray whoever reads this should become successful. keep fighting for success. the rich stay rich by spending like the poor and investing why the poor stay poor and be spending like the rich yet not investing. Roar! Invest earn and be successful.

  29. MatrixExit says


  30. Rory Harrison says

    What are those gloves

  31. Alex Becker's Channel says

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  32. Louis Lassiter says

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  33. SinisterAngel says

    One buys real artists NFT'S at the drop date. After that it trends up because its being minted in the blockchain with a limited amount.

  34. TheSrGuille says

    Why call them "Proyects" hahaha. just pixels

  35. William John says

    Investing in crypto now is very cool especially with the current rise in the market now

  36. SpawnOfAidan says

    i just wanna be rich enough to buy 3000$ memes

  37. Pambos Charalambous says

    But bro which platform do you use??? for example i wanna sell music but there are so many marketplaces i dont know from where to start…

  38. grant terry says

    call me stupid which i probably am, whats stopping anyone right click, save image for free, or is this rich peoples shit 🙂

  39. F!END says

    all the youtube scammers are pushing this shit hard. says it all. just buy bitcoin.

  40. Business Momo says

    you can literally copy the image and list again. lol

  41. Star Lord says

    Do you have any small tips that do not involve crypto?

  42. Arnar Kári says

    Which marketplace are you using for NFT's?

  43. Justin Wencel says

    This sounds like a Ponzi Scheme…..yeah, you might make money. But this shit sounds stupid. What holds its value 😂.

  44. Crypto Messiah says


  45. Andrew Black says

    What website is this??

  46. Dr George Melden says

    I invested in both XRP, STOCKS and CRYPTOS CURRENCY, but I see CRYPTOS are doing more better and profitable to invest in..💯

  47. Alec Fleming says

    How can this be applied to music by the artist/creator? If you're able to walk me through, I'll hook you up. If in doubt, my music is out there. I just want to have a reason to make more.

  48. Magician Queen says

    Hey lads, I have some NFTs to post, I would like to post on Rarible, but I'm from another country, the currency is different, could you help me. I have three, one of which I posted on Twitter (@queensmagician).

  49. Pietro Sgarbanti says

    but where to buy NFTs? and how to store them in a wallet like u did?

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