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The awesome process?

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this is simply an examination video clip.
Individuals asked if it was feasible to do the “Killer workflow” in mixer making use of Softwrap.
Well its type of feasible, I can not assure it will certainly constantly function yet with the brand-new smoothing dynamic its type of perhaps manageable.

With the present worldwide pandemic, I’m attempting to conserve cash, so this picture is not from, rather I simply photobashed a number of arbitrary images I discovered online to kinda resemble it.


Credit histories to the arbitrary images I discovered online: (CC-BY) for front as well as side base structure video clip where the photos were made use of as referral. for shut eyelids for added temple skin information. for added cheek skin information.

The awesome process?

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  1. Ryan Cooper says

    I tried this very same thing 3 days ago lol.

  2. Dorothy Jean Thompson says

    Ha! So my idea actually worked? Is this in the current version now?

  3. Wonderboy75 says


  4. Yusuf Semih KOÇAK says


  5. scott lee says

    This is really good! Would make texturing custom characters much easier

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