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The Baseball Card Market is 🔥HOME HEATING UP🔥 Baseball Card Mail Day!!!

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Hey every person, welcome back to the network! For those that have actually been following me on my YouTube trip, you’re aware most of my video clips have actually been concentrated on investing and also individual funds.

See to it to take a look at my kid Alex’s network @Less Alex !!!

This brand-new collection will certainly be concentrated on sporting activities card investing. I think that this incorporate flawlessly with my network due to the fact that it’s concentrated on investing and also the entire cash frame of mind. This is a side rush that I began in 2014. I’ve always been a big sports card collector but now I’ve transitioned into sports card investing.

There’s been so much hype and excitement in the sports cards market. Especially with influencers like Gary Vee the sports card investor getting into sports card investing. Gary Vee sports card investing philosophy is bring a whole new market of investors into the sports card industry and the whole sports card market has been increasing.

This video is going to be an introduction to my sports card investing channel. I want to share the success I’ve had so far with sports card investing. So far, I’ve been able to sell 3 of my cards for over a 30% profit and some over 60% profit. This is the proof behind the flipping sports cards.

I thought with the MLB baseball season approaching there was a lot of potential with baseball cards for investing in trading cards. This video will give other sports card investors and idea on what baseball cards to buy now and what baseball cards to invest in. Not only what baseball cards but what sports cards to invest in and what sports cards to buy now.

If you are asking yourself, can I make money investing in sports cards, or how to make money investing in sports cards. I’m going to start answering those questions in this first video of the new series.

As I continue this series, I will reveal all of the PSA 10 sports cards that I own. The sports players I’m investing in and the reason I’m buying these sports cards. These are essential the best sports cards to buy and the best sports players cards to buy.

These future videos will show the prices I paid for these sports cards, the reason I bought these sports cards, and the current price of these sports cards. Ultimately reveling my entire sports card collection and my PSA 10 card and sports card collection.

I own baseball, basketball, and football cards in the market. I will go over the best baseball cards to buy, the best baseball cards to buy and the best baseball cards to buy.

I hope everyone is excited about this new series. This will be focused on the sports cards that are in my sports card collection of mystery sports card investments.

This my second sports card mailday on the channel. I plan on doing more sports card mail days in the future. This mail day sports cards are going to be focused on my baseball card investing and baseball card investing. This is a continuation of my flipping cards content and in this video I breakdown to sport cards I’ve been buying and the purchases of buying baseball cards and buying baseball cards. Lastly this sports card mail day 2021 will be a mail day baseball cards, mail day baseball cards, and a mail day baseball cards.

I decided on selling sports cards on eBay because of the simplicity and easy to use platform. As a seller you have the most protection on eBay. During this video and series, I will provide detail on how to make money on eBay and how to make money selling sports cards on eBay and sports card flipping with these baseball card flipping episodes.

During this sports card mail day and unboxing, I have actually been focusing on the best baseball player sports cards to buy. The sports card players I’m buying now are from baseball teams and players that I think are going to have a good season! With these players potentially having a good season, I expect their card prices to increase in value.

Lastly this is the first mail day on my channel but there will be more sport card mail days to come. The tile of this video is called Mail Day! Sports Cards I’m Buying 📈and I’m really excited about adding this new series to my channel!



I hope that everyone enjoyed this video on the top 3 Baseball Cards to BUY NOW!!! The tile of this video is The Baseball Market is 🔥HEATING UP🔥 Baseball Card Mail Day!!! The main focus of this video is on the top 3 baseball cards to buy now and the top 3 baseball players to buy now.

Disclaimer: I am not a financial adviser. Investing in sports cards constantly comes with its own risks and should be done after completing a lot of research. This video is intended for entertainment purposes only and should not be construed as investing or professional advice. You are investing at your own risk, only invest what you are willing to lose in the sporting activities card investment market. These videos are designed to be only educational and also for me to share some of my experiences.

The Baseball Card Market is 🔥HOME HEATING UP🔥 Baseball Card Mail Day!!!

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  1. Milone Money Mindset says

    To enter in the Pete Alonso giveaway:

  2. 캔짱 says

    35like Hi my friend 💗
    Nice video.. 💥💥💥
    Great upload👍💙👍

  3. Hunter Chapman says

    Ive gotta get involved in this market lol cant believe the prices of some of these cards

  4. Costa Rica Card Collector says

    nice alonso pick ups should be a great year coming..great video buddy

  5. Ofluship says

    I support a very good job, you come too .,

  6. Anfernee McLemore says

    The trading card market is on fire!! Nice bro!

  7. Northwest Rips says

    Hey man! Nice pickups! I’ve been grabbing a few different PSA 10 cards online as well. Love the videos dude.

  8. France - Finance & Debt says

    Great unboxing of these cards, Anthony! Thanks for sharing!

  9. WOW! Baseball season is just around the corner, felt like it just finished. Great video my friend. Aloha 🤙

  10. Moki Finance says

    Spring training is right around the corner, can’t wait for baseball this year!

  11. kickitwithdang says

    nice pickups! i only know of vladimir guerrero jr, but its crazy that MLB season is just around the corner already

  12. RippingPacks says

    Hundred percent agree on Vlady… Should be a bounce back here for him really, the question is going to be pitching for the Blue Jays, even after just picking up Matz.

  13. Which one of these cards do you think would be a good one for a beginner to pick up?

  14. Ways To Wealth says

    Vladdy is my Daddy haha I know he lost a lot of weight last year. But damn, the man is slim.

  15. Spending Jar says

    I'm a simple man, its mail day, I click 🙂 Let's get it!

  16. Sean Lucas says

    I think this every time I click on one of your sports card investing videos, I wish I knew more about this field.

  17. T BM says

    Nice pickups. Thanks for sharing.

  18. SULTANAA ' S C says

    Great pichkups bro ✔️✔️
    New new sports card wow !

  19. TRIKE415 Sports Cards says

    Great pickups bro! I need to get some baseball cards, wish I knew more. Was a huge fan when I was a kid

  20. Unorthodox Savings says

    Off topic but once baseball starts do you do any sports betting? Like fan duel and draft kings ?

  21. JrBaseballFanatic12 says

    Cardinals looking good. If our Yankees can get some quality innings out of our starting pitchers not named Cole, we should be good. Blue Jays should be fun to watch!!! Nice pickups Anthony!!!

  22. Camper Life says

    Cool pickups man. If these guys take off you may be retiring from all this stuff here soon. You are building a nice collection there. Hope it all flips into big profits for you this year. Great share buddy. Congrats on the 3 new players and 4 cards. Very nice.

  23. SPICY BEAR says

    Pete Alonso will continue stacking up homers, that's for sure! 😎

    Nice pick ups! Agree with you about that Trout card, that's a clean, classic looking card there.

    I can't pick a favorite of these 3, I'm a huge Trout fan, but also a huge Pete Alonso fan…so a Pete Alonso RC in PSA 10? Or awesome Trout card?

    🚨 CAN'T DECIDE ! 🚨 😲

    Like 'em both! And the Vladdy too!! 😣

  24. Mill Stacks says

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