Unlearn Your Limitations | Priest Steven Furtick | Altitude Church

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What happens if your very own restricting ideas are what’s actually holding you back?
In “Unlearn Your Limitations” Priest Steven Furtick of Altitude Church motivates us to doubt the restrictions we’ve found out as well as accept the possible God positioned within us.

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See what God can do with you. This is the vision of Altitude Church, led by Priest Steven Furtick as well as based in Charlotte, NC with numerous places throughout the United States as well as Canada.

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Area Titles:
0:00 – Mark 2, knowledgeables 1-12
3:05 – Unlearning Your Limitations
6:33 – Those Are Discovered Limitations (Mark 2, knowledgeable 6)
8:25 – A Various Viewpoint On Mark 2
12:58 – Safeguarding Something Belongings
15:15 – You Can not Do That (Mark 2, knowledgeables 6-7)
17:24 – God Is Confrontational
20:08 – There Comes A Time To Intensify
23:17 – Do Not Allow Your Present End Up Being A Constraint
25:29 – Talking with Jesus
27:35 – That Establish Your Limitation? (Mark 2, knowledgeable 12)
31:10 – Do not Be Dedicated To My Limitations
34:15 – Obtaining Consent From Within (1 Corinthians 2, knowledgeables 6-10)
37:05 – Why Are You Believing These Points? (Mark 2, knowledgeables 5-8)
39:40 – The Power of the Right Individuals In Your Life
41:20 – Have You Been Obstructed Recently?
43:33 – Jesus Has No Limitations (Luke 5, knowledgeable 20)
45:30 – Lay It Down At His Feet
48:29 – An Invite To Get Jesus

Unlearn Your Limitations | Priest Steven Furtick | Altitude Church

Unlearn Your Limitations | Priest Steven Furtick | Altitude Church

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