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When To Go out! Crypto Bull Run 2021 – Bitcoin Cardano Ethereum

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When do you assume this crypto bull run 2021 Bitcoin supercycle will more than?

In this video clip offer my forecast for the big adjustment of the 2021 crypto bull run supercycle for bitcoin and also various other altcoins. I assess previous Bitcoin track record graphes from the last booming market to establish and also approximate when the present 2021 bull run supercycle will certainly more than.

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0:00 – Introduction
0:53 – Graph evaluation
5:10 – Forecast Factor
6:24 – Crypto Supercycle End Forecast

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When To Go out! Crypto Bull Run 2021 – Bitcoin Cardano Ethereum

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  1. Jon Morbes says

    Doge 🤑🤑🤑🤑

  2. Jon Morbes says

    Good content!

  3. OpinionDay007 says

    why will it go Bearish???????

  4. Edward Mellett says

    Hmmmm. Not exactly a very deep technical analysis. Just because something happened twice before doesn’t mean it’ll happen exactly the same a third time.

  5. Lejit The Wasteland Prince says

    I think with big institutional adoption and implementation of actual projects sure there will be a bearish pull back but not as sharp and not as long will be a perfect time to buy in

  6. Rinaldo Acardi says

    I really don't know when this cycle will end. So much has changed since 2017: Covid and its subsequent fallout; the whole WallStreetBets fracas; adoption by institutions, etc.

  7. Falcon Juice says

    Just started last month gonna make this my reminder.

  8. David Cantor says

    Aren’t the previous cycles due to hype? The current one has FAR more mass adoption, especially with governments and companies, so why would it crash?

  9. Shadowell says

    i wanna know when its going to run out this month fk september

  10. Mark Grabow says

    Great video on how to analyze the supercycle based on technical patterns, Serg! An important sequence in the kick off of the cycle is The Halvening of BTC, which is algorithmically built into its protocol and causes significant price activity.

  11. Ioannis Ypatidis says

    What will have to other coins like ADA or VeChain when bitcoin stars to drop at September?

    Will the also start dropping?

  12. Serafin Hikes says

    The BTC halving causes the cycle to start.

  13. ali can says

    There is a lot of use case merged for cryptos, specially on the field of NFT, which means that people won’t only be investing in crypto to make money but they will actually use them for their essential works or gaming or supply chain,
    World has been digitalised more than ever in this pandemic so I don’t think the next bull run will correct any lower than %60

  14. Ty Spiller says

    I think selling half your portfolio by September (providing your are in profit) would seem like a reasonable strategy?..

  15. Elighttice says

    So when I will be 2000% up on top and it drops 50% im still 1000% up?

  16. callsign professor says

    I've just started out and I'm looking at every info I can get. Yours was very helpful, thanks! 🙏🏼

  17. andrew mathews says

    That is the same production as mine I'm curious how long you think the bear market will last after this cycle

  18. hillvij1 says

    Thanks 👍

  19. CLIP KING says

    I may cash out my staking rewards at jan 2022 maybe earlier

  20. Teru says

    very optimistic

  21. barry robertson says

    Do you not think with the pandemic and now companys accepting btc ltc and a few others , and also new apps and freedom to trade might stay more stable.

  22. Bailee Paulina says

    The questions traders ask themselves now is if this is right time to buy? before jumping into conclusion I think you should take a look at things first. For the past few days the price of BTC is dynamic which means the market is currently unstable and you cant tell if it is going up or down while others still continue to trade without the fear of making lose, others are being patient. It all depends on the pattern with which you trade and also the source of your signals.. I would say trading has been going smoothly for me after accumulating over 9BTC since late last year with my trading strategy of different auxiliary software which help me to win for more guidance Tє -Iєɠra -mm / /@Parsonstrades

  23. A M says

    You could have told all that in 30 sec.

  24. So Do says

    There is a reason for such high volatility in Bitcoin but that’s certainly not a reason to skip investment in this asset class for long term investment. For example, a 20% chance of bitcoin taking a 10% market-share from gold over the next decade would be 20%*10%*$7.5 trillions = $150 billion market cap compared to its current $60 billion. Also, a small fraction of the current 700 trillion USD in financial markets make inroads to bitcoin, we can see a massive surge that isisnt speculative but realistic. The high volatility in the past(the reason may not show on charts) is due to the small market capitalisation at the moment which is common in any trade. Once this grows which it will, the volatility will recede and you would have more people accepting it as a long term security instead of speculative investment. High Volatility is Not uncommon for a growing asset class that is steadily steaming up to change our world as we know it. This is a not just about the billionaire club but for people who believe in a very imminent transformation of the global financial system which is in motion and cannot be stopped. In other words, bitcoin at 50,000 USD today will be a bargain years from now. Highs and lows must have little impact from long term perspective

  25. giorgos82100 says

    Since i am new to crypto after the bull cycle you sell your crypto and wait for the next bull run???

  26. James S says

    might still be a 90% drop. institutions hate losing money or "hodling" because they want to make the most of their money at all given times

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