Why Golf Club-Maker Callaway is Relocating Far From the Fairway

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In 2020, golf saw a rise in brand-new gamers adhering to the Covid-19 pandemic and also social distancing actions. Callaway, the manufacturer of golf rounds, clubs, bags and also garments, has actually been prospering. Yet with cinema, traveling and also shows anticipated to rebound, will golf club manufacturers like Callaway and also its competing Acushnet have the ability to keep their energy?

Improvement (June 7, 2021): At 00:15 we misspelled Q3 and also Q4 2020. At 6:13 the visuals misidentified Acushnet’s web sales. Acushnet had web sales in 2019 of $1.68B and also in 2020 of $1.61B. At 07:22 we misspelled Q3 and also Q4 2020.

With a document variety of brand-new golf players embarking on in 2020, Callaway, the manufacturer of golf rounds, clubs, bags and also garments, has actually been prospering.

Callaway introduced in May first-quarter internet profits of $652 million, a 47% boost from a year previously.

“Callaway pre-Covid was already the number one brand in sticks, I call it, which is putters, drivers and irons,” claimed Jefferies expert Randy Konik. “They were outpacing industry growth and they were also number two in balls behind Titleist.”

Callaway has actually made steps off the fairway too. In March, the business finished its merging with golf enjoyment service Topgolf, which incorporates online driving arrays with food and also mixed drinks.

“This is a transformative merger. It creates an entity that doesn’t really replicate anything that currently exists, with the leader in golf equipment merging with the leader in golf entertainment,” claimed Callaway Chief Executive Officer Chip Maker.

In 2015, nearly 37 million gamers embarked on at a golf links or joined an off-course task like a driving array. Almost a 3rd of the U.S. populace viewed, checked out or played golf in 2020.

Yet with cinema, traveling and also shows anticipated to rebound, will golf club-makers like Callaway and also its competing Acushnet have the ability to keep their energy?

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That Generates income From The U.S. Golf Craze

Why Golf Club-Maker Callaway is Relocating Far From the Fairway

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  1. Matt Cardarelli says

    Golf is dead, it won’t last.

  2. brett neuberger says

    There’s a cow in that dude’s room.

  3. Thomas says

    Callaway is THE BEST golf brand. HANDS DOWN.
    taylormade and titelist are frat bro brands
    puma is for kids

  4. hahahahaha52010 says

    LOL Seeing all the fake comments; how much did Callaway pay you to manipulate its stock price hahahaha it’s too obvious

  5. redda2 says

    Golf is for lazy people that don't want to run or do any cardio

  6. Micheal Carson says

    This segment is nothing more than a advertisement for Callaway. No mention of so many segments who profit from golf not even mentioned. What about Caddies, municipalities and direct to consumer niche brands profiting from golf? Do golf courses and land owners profit from golf? How? I was expecting a lot more from this video that never got mentioned. Good job Callaway PR team getting this non-paid advert on CNBC. It probably only cost you a new driver to the reporter and editor!

  7. i Bee Amazin says

    Hahahahaha gonna have to find this Temmy Cula place on the map. Closest I can get is Temecula

  8. Cole Gustafson says

    Quarantine got me into golf. Never going back

  9. chelsea7xhf says

    If you are a casual golfer, the sport self may not be that expensive. For example, if you buy a used sets of clubs in a good conditions ~$300, plus shoes/cloths ~$200. For a cost of $500 to start a sports is not expensive. People could spend way more on biking/skiing,etc.

  10. Pam Pam says

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  12. J A says

    Golf is too many players now. Stop playing if you can’t break 100

  13. Lurking Arachnid says

    The sucker that born every second

  14. Jacky mai says

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  15. Jonathan Stephenson says

    There are so many things wrong with this video I don’t know where to start.

  16. Tom Peled says

    Hô profits frum Âmerîkâz luv for golf?

  17. Nigel West says

    Why in the hell am I watching a YouTube video about the world's most famous boring sport

  18. Bill Moyer says

    golf communities are dead man walking. most gold courses still bleed money in 2021. CNBC, please tell the truth you bozos!!

  19. Thomas Hoffman says

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  20. Kushal Vyas says

    Trump loves golf

  21. Viki Perry says

    UhhOohh… what about climate change? What about huge drought out west especially California. Drinking Water is gonna go sky-high. You golfers better do it now before there's no water for your course

  22. Viki Perry says

    @2:00 narrator butchered the town of Temecula CA. It's pronounced Ta meck U la.

  23. Harakah says

    With people unable to go to other countries, best thing for rich people is to stay at home golf resort

  24. Brawler B says

    The Undertaker should do an advert for them

  25. Me First says

    golf now is actually cheaper hobby than target shooting

  26. Chris Collins says

    Who was the woman at 2.45! My goodness!

  27. PingPong Relax Music says

    It is the game for the rich. Tigerwood is my idol.

  28. Jeanette Baker says

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  30. Daniel Joshua says

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  31. Daniel Joshua says


  32. Celestials411 says

    The 1:27 mark is all that matters.

  33. Myke McCormick says

    That's simple. The tax exempt parasite rich.

  34. boom suga says

    Golf is so boring and playing it is even worse

  35. Styxhexenhammer666 says

    Golf frenzy? LOL only the most boring sport ever invented. Give dudes golf clubs and have them chase one another around the green bashing each other in the head and I'll watch it.

  36. Vincent Elmore says

    People make money fro crypto!!! ofcourse if they secure it with something like saaspass… otherwise, it all goes to cybercrime

  37. Malkansview says

    I don't know who, but someone actually needs to hear this, you've got to stop saving all your money. Venture into investing some, if you really want financial stability.

  38. R D says

    What golf frenzy…and who cares. Golf is like watching paint dry, terrible to watch.

  39. Joseph L. Truly Random says

    Not convinced

  40. Phlegethon says

    Golf is just a joke “sport” and just a total environmental disaster

  41. Joe Lafko says

    CNBC Digital Producers… You need (NEED) to actually pay attention to read-throughs and pre-screenings.

  42. sarcasmo57 says

    I have never played golf.

  43. alex i says

    Now make a video about Pickleball, please

  44. Antonio Costa says

    Love the game, miss the opportunities to play and practice more. Miss the changes to indulge in buying gear, apparel, trinkets.

    But this newly found surge is a fad. Once social distancing is on America’s rear view mirror, those shiny golf clubs will be collecting dust at the average American’s basement or garage.

    The ever so damning instant gratification syndrome most Americans suffer is at odds with the game that demands patience, money, and an ever so unrelenting pursuit of perfection to allow one to truly enjoy the game.

    I would short Callaway and Acushnet.

  45. Insignificant Speck Of Dust says

    This is just a temporary surge…it will disappear in a little while…golf is too expensive for the average person to enjoy…plus the fact that it's an elitist game that despite what they say…it's not inclusive to all people.

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