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Why Logan Paul Is Marketing $3.5M of Primarily Absolutely Nothing? ( Introductory to CryptoArt )

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whats up DarmaNATION ( ⸝⸝•ᴗ•⸝⸝ )੭⁾⁾ open meeee

1:04 What is an NFT??
2:13 What is an instance of NFT at work?
4:05 Can you market NFTs?
4:20 Exactly how do musicians/ developers earn money from NFTs?
4:43 That is presently utilizing NFTs?
5:34 That is acquiring these $50,000 art items??
6:49 Is NFT a bubble? What is the future of NFTs?
8:24 Can NFTs imitate subscription clubs?
9:36 Exactly how this is valuable for developers?
12:03 the lawful side of NFTs
12:37 What is buddies with advantages NFT?


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Why Logan Paul Is Marketing $3.5M of Primarily Absolutely Nothing? ( Introductory to CryptoArt )

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  1. jade darmawangsa says


  2. J.H Edmund Huang says

    Jade! What camera and lens are you using?!

  3. Rich Davis says

    Your vid is amazing

  4. Jaz Jillette says

    Thank you! I’ve really been wondering!

  5. Tan Eik Fai says


  6. Lyann Duff says

    NFT's are bad for the environment. You should check out Ten Hundreds video on it.

  7. Neon Girl says

    Omg … I understand everything but still I don't 🙃

  8. 3polygons says

    The community or "exclusive club" value reminds me a lot of both Patreon and Kickstart campaigns' higher goals (though each in a different way).

  9. 3polygons says

    As an artist, this might have been for me the most valuable video in this channel since the beginning …Even if I don't ever get into NFTs…
    Ouch. Nevermind. Hadn't seen yet the environmental impact issue… It's like mining (besides mining has left us artists with no graphic card at a decent price,they're also out of stock everywhere) … They need several graphic cards (or special devices) running a lot of hours for the mining (in personal computers or "farms")… Energy overuse at crazy levels. Now, 3D gaming had been always accused of that, specially, current games requiring a lot of 3D processing (my loved pixel art (not only a high res illustrator!) would have a chance here to provide a much more environmentally friendly type of game!) but any form of mining does require a ton of energy. And apparently, even if from clean energy sources, as it still impacts: other miners, who are non able to work with clean energy, will use the regular one, with its huge carbon foot print.

    Well, whatever.

    There goes my dream of making some extra bucks with NFTs 😀

    EDIT: It's a great and informative video, anyway. 😀

    EDIT #2 : Not all is "lost"…. Apparently one can go for this with "eco friendly" platforms. IE, instead of based on Ethereum (ETH), use other blockchains. I've found a very solid link with a guide to do this a way better for the environment, an eco friendly guide for NFTs, here :
    Particularly, platforms that provide with this :
    And I might go (as a creator) with :
    …as I have seen it linked by some of the major actors here complaining due to the environment issues. But I'm at a very early moment of it. It'd be interesting to know which of that long list of platforms is the one having more users, as the more users and artists, the better future it might have.

  10. SingkiTVOfficial says

    0 subscriber here from Philippines, hope it gain

  11. GayBunzBrapBrap says

    I tried watching this. Had to pause and write this comment as soon as you said "NFT wtf are they?". Can you stop saying fuck so much? Like I would never share your content the way it is currently even if there are gems in there. Please mind your language.

  12. I love my self says

    Your voice is more attractive then your look 😎
    And I'm not insult your look 🙄🙄
    But your voice pretty good 😊😊

  13. Mark McCammon says

    Logan Paul will be sued in a few years? Elaborate more on that.

  14. Mark McCammon says

    Are you not a fan of Bitcoin?

  15. Carlos Marchena says

    Would you please refrain from burping or at least edit it out? It's getting old and I really like your content

  16. JamilAmin says

    Let's see how this works. Crypto is the future

  17. Dwayne Foong says

    Such a great insight and yes my brain hurts

  18. Kanani Lokelani Asuega says

    Give me that content jade !!!

  19. Just Divyanshu says

    You should try roasting lol😂

  20. Davi Battistella says

    You are the best 👏🏻

  21. Shane Gentles says

    This was actually a really good video Jade! You have persuaded me to join discord.

  22. mechasentai says

    Jad! You're a god. Thanks for explaining this.

  23. omheartist says

    have you looked into the environmental impaact of NFTs?

  24. Cassidy Wong says

    thank you for explaining this in a way that’s easy to comprehend

  25. mindofgabe says

    Excited to see where this NFT group goes. Also great video Jade, love this casual but presentable format. Your backdrop is so personal yet professional. I've been watching for awhile I believe this is a great direction for the channel imo. Looking forward to the next one 🙂

  26. Jason says

    Great video, thanks for the info. I still have a hard time seeing people buying art nft

  27. Life With Nad Martineau says

    Great topic! I feel like no matter how many videos I watch it’s hard to understand 😂🥺

  28. EYO Journey says

    Im deadass going to make a nft thanks Jade

  29. FERR ϟ says

    Jade back at it again

  30. Clear Quartz says

    This sounds really cool for digital artists, I make digital illustrations but it always seems like I’m not doing enough because it only “feels like art” if it’s a physical item. If it’s digital, it doesn’t feel like I’m giving something that’s a personal keepsake. With NFT, that would give digital illustrations that one of a kind, fine art feeling.

  31. YAN DEM TV says

    Wow that's nice

  32. Abigail Eldritch says

    The biggest problem with NFT is their environmental impact and how big of a carbon foot print it leaves 💔

  33. The-X-Skull says

    F the Paul's

  34. littlerebelle says

    this is so incredible interesting but still confusing

  35. Astro in Wonderland says

    I think it makes so much sense that NFTs are taking off. Internet made everything too available , there is so much content everywhere so something that elevates value via scarcity/exclusivity is something that’s the natural next step to make sense of everything going on. At least my understanding haha it’s kind of complicated in my mind too. Thanks for this content !

  36. Fix It On The Way says

    Great vid. Theoretically it's unlikely that there is anything new in the world. All the basic ideas about money, what it is, how it works, etc…were invented a long time ago. Most likely the value of NFT's is based on brand. Popular people get more views, sell more merch, get better sponsorship deals, etc…because of their reputation. This is why most people never make money on merch, Patreon, donations, etc. Therefore, most people won't make money on NFT's. It will be a game only the big names can play. So true value is still your brand…as always. That triggers everything else.

  37. Jelgurt says

    I see having something physical touchable. Way more special. I see definitely a future in NFT. But what's so special about buying air. And buying something digital could be copied a million times.. And something physical couldn't be copied. And replicated for example a painting. How could a NFT be so much value if the value is depending on Eth which could swing back to 100 dollars next year..

    Lol! That's why I would better buy btc then art at this time. (Ps I only own alt coins) no btc I'm not a btc maximalist. But I believe more in value of btc then Nft😅


    The hardest thing a youTuber can ever feel is when you wake up in the morning and nothing is changed in your channel 😢
    ,,,Ohh God pls help your child

  39. Money Hunni says

    Finally, a video I can understand on NFTs! The price people pay for ✨exclusivity ✨ Great vid xx

  40. Paul Ola says

    Awesome video💥💥💥

  41. Edward Lee California USA says


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